Developer CEOs, get a developer, or get a CEO

I’m saying this much to myself, as to anyone else.

Running a developer joint in Nigeria/Africa is not getting easier. The developers aren’t there to hire and most startup CEOs find themselves spending more time coding and designing, at the expense of running the business.

Reality is that building good products take time and dedication from both development and business ends. Developing good products could also mean losing touch with everything else while trying to make it all perfect. Unfortunately, both sides of the business are equally important – you can spend time coding, but the business isn’t going to run itself.

Truth is, there’s not a big pool of developers out there, good enough to fit into your mould. Don’t be looking for that. Look for the guy who can write the required lines of code effectively, think up iterations without asking stupid questions, and deliver projects on time.

If you find this guy, hire him and mentor till you get the person you need. No, don’t get the person you want, but get the guy who gets results. Much as you would want the person who delivers like you do, a developer who thinks differently could provide a different perspective – which is not always a bad thing.

Often, on the path to becoming a good developer,  you probably did not need lessons – you needed challenges. Give your mentees lessons, allow them fail, but be there to support them as they try to get back up. The lesson will be unforgotten.

If you still find yourself hunkering down, coding every day, you probably need to hire a CEO to run the business, and be an owner/developer.


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