Apple probably should get out of the maps business

Apple really needs to get out of the maps business. Yes, I know that is the blog title, but I thought I might as well put it back there for emphasis.

Apple switched its maps service from Google’s ubiquitous maps service with the launch of the current iOS version, and it has been downhill since then.

I had never really been bothered with the maps fiasco till I upgraded iOS on my iPad and tried to get directions to Lagos Mainland – iOS maps failed on first try. The message I got, “Maps cannot search for locations in Lagos”, was as disappointing as it was insulting. So people don’t live here? Or maybe Cupertino doesn’t expect us Lagos people to use iOS devices.

Let’s keep this straight – I’m a big Apple fan. I have owned many iOS devices and finally made the jump from Windows a few months ago. Apple makes things simply and beautifully. It’s the simplicity of Apple design culture, both for hardware and software, that attracts most of us to the brand. It is also why iOS Maps is such a disappointing piece if work. Here’s a product that is supposed to make life simple, but it does everything but that. That is not how Apple does things.

iOS maps disappoint in too many ways. The pointer is always about 100 feet off, the coordinates are wrong and location markers aren’t trustworthy.

This is iOS Maps location marking of my office.


Now here is Google Maps


Google Maps is so accurate, it’s scary.

Imagine that a brand sent out event coordinates using Apple Maps and hundreds of their fans got missing on the way because Apple Maps either could not search the location, or sent them all to an adjacent street, which also happened to be a ‘one way’. Imagine a hundred fans trustingly driving into the hands of LASTMA.

We’re lucky, Google has launched a new Maps for iPhone and should have an iPad version ready soon. That is a great product, with great coverage, road directions, accurate views and all kinds of bells and whistles. Or maybe Google may hold off to drive up adoption for Android tablets

Google has spent so much time refining maps, I don’t think Apple should be trying to break that at his moment. In fact I think Apple should get out of the maps business altogether.

There, I said it.

– Sent from my iPhone


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